• Modart Book #02
    I am superhappy to hold it in my hands, because we waited for it for quite a long time.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as everybody from the team does and "Stay true to the Mousse!"

    check: Modart
  • Casio Exilim - Perfect Moment Photocontest
    image 28.04.11
    We relaunched the Photocontest series for Casio Exilim. I worked in cooperation with BSPmedia and danhills* from Hamburg - this team set up a contest in 3 different stages. Based on a CMS which gives a strong tool to the client for future projects.
    The contest was celebrated on the website and Facebook at the same time.

    check: The Contest
  • Hand-printed and designed...
    image 10.03.11
    The new label for everything we design or print by out.
    In this case we did some reprints from the last Laptop-sleeve-series for the client.
  • Webdesignindex 5
    image 13.02.11
    We are featured in the Webdesign Index by Content book N#5 - this time they recommend the Dreaksshoes website as an example for fashion websites.

    check: Dreaksshoes website
  • Webdesignindex
    image 22.12.10
    This site is featured in the current Webdesign Index N#9. I did the design, programming by Marcel Bischoff - thanks again!

    check: Webdesignindex
  • Modart website relaunch
    image 23.11.10
    I was working on this little monster for quite a while now and finally we released it today! Ben Gürich did a fantastic programming job and the whole Modart Team is stoked to have a new headquarter with all fuctionalities we need. Looking forward to grow the network with this site!

  • In Bucarest for Modart TV
    We went to Bucarest this sommer to meet Sinboy and the local art scene.
    We had a long walk through the city and visited many wonderful places...check out this trip and book your ticket!
    This is the brandnew Modart TV episode!

    check: Modart
  • Blooom Art Fair
    image 01.11.10
    The whole Modart team was invited to the Blooom ArtFair in Cologne to present the Modart Book.
    As a part of the established Art.Fair21, we had 5 days to meet people and built a beautiful booth with the help of the one and only Influenza from Rotterdam. He did one of his "Dirty Landscapes" as a huge painting on our walls.
    Check the GALLERY section for more pictures...

    check: Blooom Art Fair
  • Live printing at Radio day 2010
    image 12.10.10
    Customized Laptop sleeves!
    We did a live silkscreen printing action at the booth of the RMS Young Stars at this BtoB fair in Cologne. 8 unique radio-related graphics were designed by us in cooperation with our client. The visitors could chose their favourites and we printed them live on high quality laptop sleeves....
    A successful day for us - thanks to Etienne Heinrich for all the support.

    check: RMS Young Stars
  • HL Projects Website
    image 31.08.10
    .made { by us } just finished the new Website for Harlan Levey Projects. An artist representation from the chief editor of Modart Magazine. The whole content can be seen from the main page - you can check the sliding menu by clicking the link below. The site is based on WordPress and uses many gimmicks like password protected area, sliding front page, customized backend....

    check: Harlan Levey Projects
  • Rebel Exhibition
    Organisation of the Rebel Exhibition 2010 at Rock am Ring for Modart. 5 Artists were selected to take part in this event. From Artist relation to setting up the show, we did the full service. It took place in the Suzuki VIP lounges. Design by Kingdrips.

    Artists: Nomad, Marc C. Woehr, Will Barras, Jim Avignon, Kingdrips.

    check: Modart
  • NoNewEnemies Website
    image 15.03.10
    I just finished the NoNewEnemies Website. We did a networking platform to present the actions of more than 100 creative members. Several authors can upload to specialised templates.
    This is a complete relaunch - we are doing all online affairs for NNE since 2007 now.

    More information about this project at .made { by us }

    check: NoNewEnemies Network
    image 06.01.10
    .made { by us } developed the new webpresence for ‘Dreaks – the original Drumshoe’. A very emotional website, made for this specific and creative audience.
    They are deeply rooted in the area of punk and metal music, which gave us the chance to combine a business page which stays true to the audience.

  • Dreaksshoes - Model No.2
    image 20.12.09
    The new prototype arrived! We are proud and can't wait to see the first models from the final production. Release date: March 2010.

    Update, 15.03.2010 - i went to the production facilities, check the gallery below.

    check: The Production
  • .made {by us}
    image 03.12.09
    .made {by us} is our new Webdevelopment agency. Specialised in latest technology and design. We are always looking for challenging online-projects.

    check: .made {by us}
  • Kingdrips at I-Punkt Skateland
    We went to Hamburg's skatehall again to paint new ramps and the bowl. Sponsored by TRAP-Skateboards!

    check: kingdrips HQ
  • Rookie painted our office
    Robert Matzke a.k.a. Rookie painted our office and i just edited my first video!
    Thanks my friend...
    (shot with Kodak Zi-8)

  • 72hoursgallery
    The Opening Night!

    36hours to produce ALL! artworks and 36hours exhibition time!
    That's all we had for this project....
    More flix in the gallery section..

    check: 72hoursgallery
  • CrashAtTheBeach
    Kingdrips and Surfbrand Faith21 from Capetown collaborated for this exhibition in Hamburg, 17th of July!
    We already started the adventure and you can follow everything on our CATB-Website: our trip to Africa, the artworks and the people we met.

    Thanks to for the Clip!!!

    check: the exhibition
  • WallBreakers Website
    image 20.06.09
    I did the Screendesign for the Art-Festival.
    The WALLBREAKERS Festival is an unique Contemporary Urban Art Exhibition
    conceived to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the
    massive impact this historical event has had on the Urban Art scene.

    check: Wallbreakers
  • WallBreakers-Teaser
    We did a quick clip to show the "Write the Wall" event. It happened October, 17th 2009 at the Berlin Wall...

    check: write the wall
  • mxs - extremesport movie

    Here we go!
    The fastmotion clips of the graffix...they were used to introduce the different parts of the film.
    Thanks to MadMax + Big Sdag for the soundtrack!

    check: their new album
  • i-Punkt Skateland
    Pool-bombing at Hamburg's Skatehall. New designs for the PlanB-Demo a week later. Check out the video on the right...

    check: the video at
  • Massnerders
    image 13.02.11
    This is a new project - passion and nerdism come together. So what is better than a redesign of some classic Logos from our favourite movies for this? Do you recognize the originals?!
  • HL-Projects Logo
    image 05.08.10
    Just developed the logo for Harlan Levey Projects. The website is coming very soon and then you'll know what modart's chief editor is doing these days.
  • Death Metal
    image 17.02.10
  • Thrasher
    image 03.11.09 below!

    check: THE Magazine
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • Surfboard
    image 05.08.09
    One of 4 Faith21-boards, we did this summer.
    These are ambigrams: you can read it back- and forward.
    Just turn around the board...

    King + Drips
    Faith + Faith

    check: faith 21
  • Dreaks Drumbattle
    image 13.07.09
    We celebrated our first Drumbattle in Cologne this Year!
    More than 20 Drummers and a great audience made the evening perfect...
    Head to Head and the people decided about the winner.

    check: dreaks headquarter
  • WallBreakers Logo
    image 20.06.09
    ...need more? Check the Event itself below.

    check: website
  • ...made in denmark
    image 17.04.09
  • Formsalon ist 30
    image 07.04.09
    Für den Präsidenten!

    check: the designbüro
    diskette 1280x800  1920x1200  iphone
  • labor part 2
    image 22.01.09
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • transsibiria
    image 22.01.09
    more info about this sibirian project soon!
  • labor
    image 21.01.09
    straight out of the kingdrips lab...the new logo! "produktives rumhängen"...nachts mit breitengrad 53,5.

    check: his logos
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • robliz
    image 13.01.09
    for the one and only robliz!

    check: the rob
    diskette 1280x800  iphone
  • ibbtown industriegebiet
    image 13.01.09
    ibbtown industriegebiet...the hardest pflaster to grow up!
    (if you wanna order the shirt:

    check: ibbtown's finest
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • burn
    image 27.11.08
    the new shirt..
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • arkanoid
    image 27.11.08
    made from the clässic arkanoidlogo...stolen, wrecked and that's it!
    diskette 1280x800
  • trex
    image 27.11.08
    logo for trex-entertainment. troy manering's web headquarter - voice over talent + production by us!

    check: trex inc.
  • snakepliskin
    image 27.11.08
  • donopi
    image 27.11.08
  • thedon
    image 27.11.08
  • The Dreaksshoes Posters
    Describing the functionalities of the shoe!
    Strictly black and white with some drawings in Dreaks-Blue.

    Every picture is introduced by a quote of a legendary musician, band or coach that we like....

    A big! thank you to Lars Jacobsen for the pictures!
  • Jokes
    image 22.12.10
    Illustrated Jokes...hope you're able to understand some german and maybe you can guess the original joke...
  • Laptop sleeves RMS Young Stars
    image 12.10.10
    We designed these graphics for an artist-edition of hand printed laptop sleeves. 8 graphics were confirmed - they needed to be related to the Radio marketing package "Young Stars" by RMS Hamburg.
    As you can see in "Projects", we also printed these graphics live on the Radio Day 2010 - the main event of Radio marketing in germany.

    check: RMS Young Stars
  • KDcrystal
    image 26.09.10
     1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • KDblood
    image 26.09.10
     1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • Bone Snowboard Sketches
    image 15.07.10
    We developed new board-designs for the upcoming season. These sketches are a preview and will not be produced.

    check: Kingdrips
  • Rebel Exhibition Artworks
    image 15.06.10
    My artworks for the last exhibition for Modart and Rebel Media....

    check: Modart
  • Metalfortress
    image 28.12.09
    Phil's regular Metalfest - every 3rd wednesday in Hamburg, Astra Stube. Music by Remedy Records.
    Thanks Fab, for the tag!

    check: Metalfortress Fans
  • madebyus
    image 17.11.09
    Our new webdevelopment department is online and constantly expanding...i made new designs for current projects.

    check: made by us
     1920x1200  iphone
  • Crash at the Beach
    image 04.08.09
    My latest artworks for the "Crash at the Beach" - Kingdrips exhibition.
    We celebrated the end of the CATB Project in our Headquarter in Hamburg with a lot of friends, BBQ and summerbreeze...

    Middle: Paranoid
    Right: Empire of Dirt

    check: crashatthebeach
  • extremesports illustrations
    made for rebel media

    check: rebel
  • zombies
    image 10.02.09
    the horrorzombies (not cute!)
  • nagähr
    image 13.01.09
    just another nagähr....
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • extremesport movie graffix
    this movie goes to cinemas every year and we did these graffix for the different continents. feat. everything from skateboarding to basejumping. they were painted on walls and filmed in fast-motion-soon here...

    check: mxs
  • affesel
    image 01.12.08
    from an ape to an esel....
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • freaksho
  • hhoh - decks
    the first one is my board for the exhibition, the 2 others are collabos with my kingdrips-partners...

  • brainwalker
    image 27.11.08
    ...this one is over and done...uups, there is a style??
    diskette 1280x800  1280x1024  1920x1200  iphone
  • moreboards
    ...graphic for a charityproject by Cappucino Club. They did a calender and selected designers should redesign an extremesport-photo. chose kingdrips to redesign their flick (last picture). This one didn't made it... s-fly rocks the show!

    check: s-fly
  • neocollective

    check: neocollective mag
    diskette 1280x800
  • Making of the Dreaksshoes Model #2
    I went to Slowakia to check the production of our new model. I am still blown away by the quality and the numerous steps that need to be done to produce a specialised shoe.
    A short film to entertain you.
    Thanks a lot to Josef Pavlocik and the whole team at Florett!

    check: Dreaksshoes
  • Modart at Blooom Art Fair
    The whole team was invited to the Blooom ArtFair in Cologne to present the Modart Book.
    As a part of the established Art21 Fair, we had 5 days to meet people and built a beautiful booth with the help of the one and only Influenza from Rotterdam. He did one of his "Dirty Landscapes" as a huge painting on our walls.
    Tobias Allanson showed his original golden Mousse turd - the cover of our 2nd book!

    check: Blooom Art Fair
  • Rebel Exhibition
    I organised the Rebel Exhibition 2010 at Rock am Ring for Modart. 5 Artists were selected to take part in this event. From Artist relation to setting up the show, we did the full service. It took place in the Suzuki VIP lounges. Design by Kingdrips.

    check: Modart
  • 72hoursgallery v.s. Kingdrips
    Photos of the Opening and setting up the show on the 17th of October!
    We had 36hours to produce everything! + another 36hours exhibition time.
    Location: Hamburg, Sternstraße 1

    check: 72hoursgallery
  • Crash at the Beach
    Exhibition auf St.Pauli!
    We celebrated the end of the CATB Project in our Headquarter in Hamburg with a lot of friends, BBQ and summerbreeze...

    Thanks to everybody involved and everybody who shared this night with us!!!

    check: Crash at the Beach
  • Kingdrips in Southafrica
    ...the Crash at the Beach Project began with 4 tickets to Capetown.

    check: crashatthebeach
  • Kingdrips office opening
    We opened our new office on the 17th of December in St.Pauli. A big HELLO to everybody who celebrated with us! Come by for a visit: Wohlwillstraße 27 | 22769 Hamburg

    check: kingdrips headquarter
  • heliumcowboy 5 years
    the big anniversary exhibition of the heliumcowboy artspace in hamburg!

  • helping hounds of hell
    exhibtion of handmade skatedeck art.

  • Satellitenfont
    image 06.01.10
    Played with a bunch of satellites and real font available yet.
  • marcel_madebyus
    image 13.01.09
    the first handwritingfont i ever did...thanks to marcel! this is the type for the upcoming project. as soon as this baby is online, you can download the whole font here! - until then, just the previewfont.

    check: made by us!
  • kd-klebonaut
    image 26.11.08
    the latest font
  • decxtro
    image 26.11.08
  • DNCR vers.1
    image 26.11.08